Tuesday, 22 January 2013

IF: Myth The creatures.

On a slow day I found myself looking through one of my old school journals 
when I came across a few pages in which I had covered , head to toe, with a doodle 
creature I had made up while not working. This creature was pretty much just a rabbit-like thing looking over a fence or line on the paper.  

These are some doodles ideas I tried after finding the old school pictures. For some reason, I've given the creatures a more fearful attitude. It just seemed the best way to go. 
In the top one I've gone for a zombie horde theme.  (I've been reading World War Z)

The second one down I've clearly just ripped off the Phantom Menace poster, which if you've never seen, features Anakin  standing outside his home with a shadow of Darth Vader. 

The third one is pretty much self explanatory. "ITS BEHIND YOU"!!!

In the last one, which I enjoyed the most, a guy is trying to hide in a dark cupboard- only to be found by the creatures. It reminds me of the lawyer in Jurassic Park who leaves the kids to hide in the toilets- only to be found by the T-Rex. (He was probably my most hated film character as a kid).    


  1. I love this! And great to see the 'doodling' process, too

    1. Thank you Koosje, glad you like it.